How can we make our online board meetings more effective?

What keeps you in the office? Access to documents, control over the work of subordinates, board meetings? Imagine that all this can be done from anywhere, wherever you are. The introduction of the board software will open up completely new functionality for your boards. Here is more about it.

Digital reality: new trends in organizing online board meetings

The competitive race and unpredictable market behavior require businesses to increase speed and reduce costs to pursue profit constantly. Relying on the automation of certain work areas can increase productivity and reduce personnel costs. However, the price of the bet is high in its way – IT architecture makes its demands on management in matters of governance. Today virtual technologies can combine the efforts of IT and management in automating business processes. Let the boards determine the goals and direction of automation, and the programmer solve non-standard tasks in the course of introducing a new product into the digital environment of the enterprise, taking into account security requirements and IT architecture features.

Virtual technologies permeate all spheres of economy and business, including the activities of the board of directors of companies. They help to automate and optimize their activity and organize board meetings. Board meetings are held regularly within the time limits stipulated by the regulatory documents of the joint-stock company, usually at least once a quarter. So, as businesses moved online, the number of online meetings also increased. As a result, tools that expand the possibilities of online meetings are now especially relevant. And the board management software is one such tool. 

Board software or how to increase the efficiency of the board meeting

The board software is a universal solution for video conferencing and board meetings. It brings HD conferencing capabilities to your browser to start meetings in seconds. In addition, this cloud-based platform ensures a secure data warehouse and other helpful, collaborative tools that can automate and simplify data management and document exchange during the board meeting.  

The system ensures consistent interaction and workflow continuity in the corporate management system, regardless of the user device type- desktop, smartphone, or tablet. A single intuitive graphical interface of the portal allows you to participate in meetings online, providing each participant with all the necessary tools and resources for remote work from anywhere in the world. It also provides security and access control at all levels – from the user interface to integration and administration through the use of modern means of authentication and cryptographic information protection using the SSL / HTTPS protocol, as well as through an advanced and flexible access control system to all components systems, including data, tasks, forms, settings, processes, cases, and so on.

The board software solution provides the following capabilities:

  • reliable storage of an unlimited number of different format files organized following the required hierarchy;
  • a single entry point for access to all documents under the company’s security policy; access to the system is carried out using a web browser;
  • a quick search for the necessary information and navigation through multi-million arrays of documents;
  • ability to work with electronic images of documents directly from the interface of the corporate information system;
  • the technology of mass input of documents using bar-coding;
  • voting system;
  • arranging agendas and meeting minutes.

So, the main goal of implementing the board management software is to provide top management with an effective multifunctional tool for operational work within collegiate bodies.

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